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Markets Where You Play

Shop where you Live, Work, Play is our vision for the next generation of retail.  In a world, where instant gratification is becoming everything we see consumers looking for the products and services they need coming together where they most want to be! 

Grocery Stores are adding Gyms ... why not the other way around?!

If you're a gym-goer, have you ever forgotten your water bottle? Your earbuds? Your socks? 

Convenience services that just make sense. 

Gym Equipment
Outdoor Market

Outdoor Shopping Locations

Farmer's Markets, Outdoor shopping malls, busy streets, festivals, and more! 
Why not think beyond brick and mortar and explore mobile convenience markets that you can take wherever people are!

At Three Square Market we see retail changing, based on consumers' desire for instant gratification. Our self-pay option or 32Go, was created to fill the beverage, food, and convenience needs of consumers in ANY environment.

Our goal is to provide top-quality products and professional services in an inviting and appealing environment. We achieve this through the latest technology, attention to detail, and recognizing and capitalizing on customer trends. 

Tony Danna, President

Tony Danna


Kurk Johnson, VP of Sales

Kurk Johnson

VP of Sales

Dave Little, Regional Sales Manager

Dave Little

Regional Sales Manager

Nate Hove, Regional Sales Manager

Nate Hove

Regional Sales Manager

Jack Bock, Inside Sales

Jack Bock

Inside Sales

Rachael Ostlund, Customer Success

Rachael Ostlund

Customer Success

Andy Whitehead, Project Manager

Andy Whitehead

Project Manager

Chris Ingram, BEP Consultant/Trainer

Chris Ingram

BEP Trainer/Customer Success

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