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Employees smiling and eating in a break room micro market.

Your Micro Market, Your Way ...

What is a Micro Market? 

We get this question a lot, so here is the technical answer:

A micro market is a retail space contained within another space, most often, a business. This market generally replaces vending and is used by the employees and guests of that business.  It operates much like any convenience store you've ever been to, with the exception of the self-checkout process. Purchases can be made through the accessible & ADA compliant kiosks or via a mobile app. 

How do I get one? 

Two ways ... you can reach out to us to say "Hey, I want this!" and we will connect you with an operator near you.  The other, if you already have vending operator you can tell them that you want a Three Square Market and tell them to check us out! 

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What Does It Look Like? 

Benefits of a Micro Market

Increased Staff Usage

Statistics say that less than 30% of staff use traditional vending options.

Mobile App

Our mobile app allows for quick checkout and convenience to pay.

Online Account

24/7 Online access to your market account from any device.

Better Value Products

Micro markets are not limited by the same strict guidelines that vending is.

Easy Pay

Multiple payment methods available and easy to use

Purchase Review

Review all purchases at any time from your devices.

Get the App!

Using the app allows for quick payments, touch-free shopping, the ability to see products before you get there, and allows you to deposit funds directly into your account.

Mobile Phone, Three Square Market mobile app purchase from start to finish.
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