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Apartments, Condos, Campus Life, Senior Living, and More! 

Amplify Your Rental Value

58% of renters say they believe apartments should provide helpful & convenient services for their community.

Millennial residents report that they are willing to pay up to $45 extra per month in their rental fee for convenient amenities, like a self-pay market in their complex. 


63% of apartment residents say that their hectic lives cause them to look for ways to have more time. 

*Statistic by the National Multifamily Housing Council

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Consumer buying habits are changing! 

Trends show that convenience is a leading factor in purchase decisions. Retailers are learning to become more creative, and we are looking to lead the charge in the residential rental industry. 

Self-Checkout options appeal to the millennial and younger generations with speed and control over the transaction, over transactions with a cashier. 

At Three Square Market we see retail changing, based on consumers' desire for instant gratification. Our self-pay option or 32Go, was created to fill the beverage, food, and convenience needs of residents and public customers in a residential environment.

Our goal is to provide top-quality products and professional services in an inviting and appealing environment. We achieve this through the latest technology, attention to detail, and recognizing and capitalizing on customer trends. 

Tony Danna, President

Tony Danna


Kurk Johnson, VP of Sales

Kurk Johnson

VP of Sales

Dave Little, Regional Sales Manager

Dave Little

Regional Sales Manager

Nate Hove, Regional Sales Manager

Nate Hove

Regional Sales Manager

Jack Bock, Inside Sales

Jack Bock

Inside Sales

Rachael Ostlund, Customer Success

Rachael Ostlund

Customer Success

Andy Whitehead, Project Manager

Andy Whitehead

Project Manager

Chris Ingram, BEP Consultant/Trainer

Chris Ingram

BEP Trainer/Customer Success

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