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32M + Cantaloupe: Your One-Stop Shop for Micro Markets
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Micro Markets,
Coolers, Kiosks,
& Cabinetry

Three Square Market (32M) is an industry-leading company in the micro market and self-checkout industry. With a wide range of products to support your retail needs.  32M is the One-Stop Shop to enhance your business. 

Serving markets in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia since 2013, our software aims to bring convenience to the world.

From mobile checkout technology to intelligent inventory management; Learn about our first to market advancements that have been duplicated time and time again throughout the industry.

What does it look like? 

Self-Checkout for Cafeterias
Custom Mock ups
Custom Mock Ups
Custom Mock Ups
Norm Technology Coolers
Micro Markets with 32M
Custom Mock Ups
32M: Coffee in Markets
Custom Market Mock Up
32M: Easy Self-Checkout
Norm Technology Coolers
Coffee in 32M Micro Markets
32M Micro Market
32M Micro Market

Customer Journey

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Choose Markets

We offer a wide range of services! From Micro Markets, shelving units, furnishings and concept designs. Three Square Market offers customers an all in 1 easy experience for your business needs.


We Are Online

Unable to get to us? No worries! Our YouTube channel offers in-depth information to all our products available.

Micro market mock-up image.
Three Square Market YouTube Channel Page


Visit Us

Once you've got an idea, come and visit us! In-person or virtually, we can guide and start to pinpoint the kiosk style and shelving units best suited for your establishment.

Three Square Market River Falls Headquarters building aerial view.

Why Choose 32M? 

Tony Danna, President

Tony Danna


Kurk Johnson, VP of Sales

Kurk Johnson

VP of Sales

Dave Little, Regional Sales Manager

Dave Little

Regional Sales Manager

Nate Hove, Regional Sales Manager

Nate Hove

Regional Sales Manager


Joey Baumann

Operations Manager

Rachael Ostlund, Customer Success

Rachael Ostlund

Customer Success

Andy Whitehead, Project Manager

Andy Whitehead

Project Manager

Chris Ingram, BEP Consultant and Customer Success

Chris Ingram

BEP Trainer/Customer Success

We Make Accessibility, a Priority

Mobile Phone, Three Square Market mobile app purchase from start to finish.

Get the App!

Using the app allows for quick payments, touch-free shopping, the ability to see products before you get there, and allows you to deposit funds directly into your account.

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